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This week on THE JANUS ADAMS SHOW: a journey of discovery . . . taking a Path Through History in upstate New York. We’re on-the-road to historic Underground Railroad sites; revisiting a time—as topsy-turvy as our own—when what was “right” was wrong. What was wrong was “legal.” And, what was “legal” had little to do with justice.

Sanctuary cities? Congress or conscience? Justice—not for “just us”? And “do unto others? OMG what a trip!?

Peterboro: home to Peter’s son, philanthropist-social reformer-Underground Railroad stationmaster, Gerrit Smith

Auburn: the home of a man of conscience—New York State Governor, US Senator, Secretary of State William Seward—and his wife, Frances, stay-at-home Mom; Women’s Rights activist; and Underground Railroad stationmaster.

Rochester: the city that welcomed a self-emancipated ex-slave and released his inner Frederick Douglass—the Abolitionist, Publisher, Orator, Statesman who put his hard-won freedom on the line to rescue others.

So much to see. So much to discover.

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