The Supreme Court on Friday overruled Roe v. Wade – Local Reaction

The Supreme Court on Friday overruled Roe v. Wade – Local Reaction

by: Patricio Robayo


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The Supreme Court on Friday overruled Roe v. Wade, which takes away the constitutional right to an abortion after almost 50 years of having that right.

This opinion of the highest court in America will change life for many women and will lead to a total ban on abortion in many states in the country. Gov. Kathy released a statement stating, “This decision is a grave injustice. I want everyone to know that abortion remains safe, accessible, and legal in New York.”


Additionally, she said that NY had made a $35 million investment to support the state’s network of abortion providers. 


Janus Adams, Host of the Janus Adams Show, gave her reaction to the news from Supreme Court and said, “Roe v. Wade is just the tip of the iceberg, and people need to see it in context. Yesterday, it was the gun laws that states had no rights to regulate gun laws. But they do have a right today to regulate women’s bodies,” Adams said. 


Local activist Sandra Oxford said, “Many of us were not surprised when we saw the leaked legal document that this was going to be a judicial hit job on women’s rights on human rights. Today’s the first day in my life that I’ve had a right stripped away from me, and I’m just really concerned, what are the rights we’re going to be facing that we will no longer have as a result of this regressive court.”


Local activist Barb Schmitt who organized a Pro-Choice rally in Monticello, NY, said, “This whole attack on roe is that it’s never been about the fetuses. Most of the folks who are after this are just using this as a political tool. It’s always been about getting votes. It’s always been about controlling women, but certainly not about any kind of sanctity of life. That’s just not a legit argument.”



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