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Helene Mancuso, Wayne County CareerLink 

Wayne Tomorrow! Youth Work Crews

It’s Thursday on The Local Edition, which means we check in with Wayne County, and this week we will explore the Wayne County CareerLink. 


The Wayne County CareerLink targets young people for work-based learning opportunities that utilize community partners and an example of the Wayne Tomorrow! Initiative.


Here to talk about  Wayne County CareerLink….Is the Executive Director…Helene Mancuso


Jörg Madlener, Artist

Panta Rhei: no man steps into the same river twice”

Jörg Madlener (pronounced Yorg with a hard g Mad-lane-er) is a painter who has lived in Claryville since the early 2000s, though he travels to Europe regularly to show his work. 


His current show, “Panta Rhei: no man steps into the same river twice” will be on display in his Claryville studio from July 8-11 before being exhibited in a Cold War bunker in Saerbeck, Germany. 

Our contributor Jesse Sposato spoke to him about his work.


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