Tonight on The Local Edition 8/2/21 Sullivan County DA Meagan Galligan & Sandra Johnson Fields, NAACP “Critical Race Theory in Schools”

Tonight on The Local Edition 8/2/21 at 6:30 p.m.


Meagan Galligan Sullivan County District Attorney

“Hope Not Handcuffs”

The Sullivan County District Attorney’s Office and Sullivan County’s Drug Task Force recently announced they take part of “Hope Not Handcuffs” a Hudson Valley program.  

Anyone seeking help fighting substance use disorders may come to any local police station and ask for the ‘Hope Not Handcuffs’ program.. And they will get the help that they would need. 


Sandra Johnson Fields, NAACP

“Critical Race Theory in Schools”

Critical Race Theory is a topic now being discussed in some school districts meeting across the country and right here in Sullivan County. 

The Sullivan County chapter of the NAACP is asking folks to attend those school board meetings to speak the truth about CRT.

NAACP has said, “groups have been converging on school boards to denounce these teachings and calling the theory racist against whites.”


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