Warning on Giant Hogweed and Wild Parsnip Dangers

Watch For and Report Giant Hogweed This Summer

a man in a Tyvek suit stands next to a flowering giant hogweed plantGiant hogweed plants are now blooming across many parts of the state, making it a prime time to spot this harmful invasive. Giant hogweed is a large, flowering plant from Eurasia with sap that can cause painful burns and scarring.  The plants tend to be 7-14 feet tall with  umbrella-shaped clusters of white flowers up to 2.5 feet wide. The stem is green with purple splotches and coarse white hairs, and leaves are large (up to 5 feet across), incised, and deeply lobed. NY DEC will respond to any sightings.  More details at dec.ny.gov

yellow wild parnsip flowersWild parsnip is another invasive plant with sap that can also cause burns on skin. It can grow in a variety of habitats but is commonly found growing in fields and along roadsides.

DEC does not manage wild parsnip. Those trying to remove the plant should wear long sleeves and pants as well as gloves and avoid any contact with the sap of the plant.

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