Wayne County, PA – New Procedures for Tax Sales

In order to comply with a newly enacted state law, the Wayne County Tax Claim Office established new procedures for the pre-registration of bidders for upcoming tax sales. The new rules take effect for the Upset Tax Sale, scheduled for Sept. 17. The new law requires all bidders to pre-register for tax sales at least 10 days before the sale. It also requires businesses and limited liability corporations to list their officers and investors.

To register, the following forms must be filed with the Tax Claim Office:

  • Certification Form (filled out, signed by anyone who is being put on the deed, and Notarized)
  • Bidder Registration Form (for the appropriate sale)
  • Copy of Driver’s License or Real ID
  • $25 Pre-Registration Non-Refundable Fee (fee may be mailed in)

All the forms required for registration can be obtained online on the County website.

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