Why vote? — NAACP/Radio Catskill Community Forum


Why vote?

Radio Catskill and the Sullivan County Chapter of the NAACP have joined forces to engage with voters like yourself.

The forum aimed to gain a deeper understanding of your viewpoints, whether you hold the belief that your vote holds significance or not.

We are joined with:

Sullivan County NAACP: Sean Wall-Carty, Thomas Rue

League of Women Voters, Pike County, Elizabeth Forrest

League of Women Voters, New York, Erica Smitka

SUNY New Platz – Political Science Department, and Associate Professor Stephen Pampinella 

This November, Sullivan County voters will be deciding every seat in the County Legislature, Wayne and Pike County voters will be choosing their County commissioners – it’s a big local election year.

The most important way we can take part in our democracy is by voting.

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