Women’s History Month & More in March on WJFF

Women’s History Month, Maple Sugaring, St. Patrick’s Day… are among the highlights for March

Special station programming and local show hosts focus on women’s history

On the Janus Adams Show: a month-long celebration of African American women –Saturdays through the month at 4pm — beginning with #CiteBlackWomen…now a movement. Next a personal tribute to Harriet Tubman and how Adams “met” her on a visit to her home, now a national historic site, in Auburn, New York. Next, a tip of the bonnet to Mrs. Tubman’s “daughters”—the sheroes of the Civil Rights movement. Then, books—wonderful Black books and authors.

Wildcard, our special programming hour on Sundays at 3pm, devotes this month to women’s history:

“The Making of Male Dominance” – Documentary on the invention and perpetuation of patriarchy in the Western world and early US History on March 17
“Wonder Woman” from Big Picture Science – Science is supposed to be merit-based and objective. And yet the data say otherwise. A new study reveals widespread harassment of women of color in space science. Meanwhile, an engineer claims women don’t go into tech because female brains aren’t suited for it. Find out what the science says. Also, how women are staring down discrimination and the organization that is changing the face of science for Latina and Native American women. March 24
“Rocket Girls and Astro-nettes” – Women in the ultimate Man’s World: the labs and Shuttle crew cabins of NASA in the 60’s and 70’s. March 31

International Women’s Day takes center stage on Friday, March 8.
10 am we will re-broadcast a panel on women’s history with Sonja Hedlund, Jan Goodwin & Janus Adams preempting Performance Today.
11am –  2pm  women in jazz will dominate, on Return to the Source and Thane Peterson’s Living Jazz;
•  6pm – 8pm we will present a two-hour special, “Hidden World of Girls with host Tina Fey” produced by The Kitchen Sisters. Fresh Air and Bullseye will be pre-empted
8 pm conclude the day with a special edition of Jason Tougaw’s The Mixtape

If it’s March, the sap is running! How to get syrup from your maple trees:

Farm and County
host Steph Phillips is joined by Kent and Erika Findley of Winterton Farms on Saturday, March 2 at 11 am.

Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day with Irish classics:

Wagonload of Monkeys host Graham Rice will play familiar classic songs from The Dubliners, The Clancy Brothers, Planxty and more. “Less chat and more singalong music” March 17 at noon.

More highlights in March:

Get a jump on April’s National Poetry Month with host of Folk Plus Angie Page playing songs inspired by poetry and bringing local listener Tracey Ranze to the mic to read poetry. Saturday, March 2 at 12 noon.

Let’s Talk Vets with host Doug Sandberg will feature interviews with or about vets whose stories inspire us on Wednesday March 13 at 7pm. As always, the last quarter of the hour is dedicated to news for vets and active service members.

Radio Chatskill’s Culture Club with Harold Tighe brings you an update on events at the Wayne County Library and the Pocono Environmental Education Center and a chat with the stars of Monticello High School’s spring musical on Saturday, March 9 at 10 am.

Photos from Library of Congress: L-R:

Kady C. Brownell, vivandière associated with 1st Rhode Island Infantry Regiment and 5th Rhode Island Heavy Artillery Regiment with bayoneted rifle

Sojourner Truth seated with photograph of her grandson, James Caldwell of Co. H, 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, on her lap

Anna Elizabeth Dickinson, orator, abolitionist, advocate for women’s rights, and the first woman to speak before Congress

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