Aug. 16, 7pm – Duke Devlin’s WJFF Interview

WJFF Intern Dalvin Aboagye with Duke Devlin, Photo Jason Dole

Friday, August 16 at 7pm, kick off the 50th Anniversary Weekend with WJFF’s rebroadcast of Jason Dole and Dalvin Aboagye’s hour long interview with beloved Woodstock legend and area resident Duke Devlin.

The Catskills owe much of its vitality to the legacy of Woodstock. One voice can be said to have kept the world-renowned music festival alive above others: that of Duke Devlin. Having arrived for three days of “peace, love and music,” Devlin never left, in body or spirit, and became a local legend as interpreter of the cultural phenomenon that reverberated around the globe.

Duke befriended Max and Miriam Yasgur, Michael Lang and John Roberts, and just about everyone he met at the Woodstock monument where he entertained visitors with his humorous anecdotes and observations. His retelling of the story of the 1969 Woodstock Festival has touched many thousands of local residents and visitors to the Catskills. Duke also worked for Sullivan County BOCES for many years, was a WJFF volunteer & Board Member in the 90’s and was the official site interpreter at Bethel Woods for close to a decade. WJFF recently honored Duke Devlin as a “Voice for the Catskills” at our Community Service Awards Celebration.

Whatever your plans for the big weekend, add this program to your calendar. If you miss it live, check it out at your convenience on the WJFF archives.

Note: WJFF will be pre-empting our regular broadcast of Bullseye to bring you this special program.


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