Farm and Country, Saturday, May 7, 2022, @ 11 am “Star Talk” Report

WJFF’s “Farm and Country” is locally produced radio about rural life in the Catskills and the Delaware River Valley.


Here’s what’s featured on this edition of “Farm and Country”; Saturday, May 7, 2022, @ 11 am after NPR headlines.


Keith Hubbard has a “Star Talk” Report on the 4 planets for us to view in this week’s evening sky.


“Along the Poet’s Row” Christine San Jose recites poems inspired by writers with compassion for the beauty of planet earth.


In his “Hooked on Fishing” report, Sweetwater Fishing Guide Evan Padua highlights the species, Shad, on the Upper Delaware River for May.


In her segment “Now You Know”, we’ll learn about the Bashakill Area Association. Stephanie Phillips speaks with President Paula Medley.

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